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Reconditioned Clark Gearbox for sale

ID: 905 | Stock ref:4023
Qty Available: 1 unit
Manufactured by: Clark
The price: £P.O.A.

Reconditioned Clark .........

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Coventry Climax H30   engine for sale

ID: 988 | Stock ref:1044
Qty Available: 6 units
Manufactured by: Chieftain
The price: £P.O.A.

Coventry Climax H30 auxiliary engines to suit Chieftain Tanks  Manufacturer Coventry Climax       .........

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Rolls Royce K60 engines fully reconditioned for sale

ID: 710 | Stock ref:40165
Qty Available: 8 units
Manufactured by: Rolls-Royce
Guide price from: £ 9.900

Rolls Royce K60 engines fully reconditioned by Rolls Royce.  As fitted in the Fv430 series of tracked vehicles as used by the army.  Similar to the Chieftain, the K60 is an opposed-piston design.  The engine is capable of producing 240 hp, which allows for a top speed of 32 mph.    Specification of the Rolls Royce K60 engine    Manufacturer Rolls Royce  Rolls-Royce K60 240 hp (179 kw)  2-stroke, 6-cylinder, multi-fuel Rolls-Royce K60  Range diesel: 298 miles (480 km) gas: 263 miles (424 km) .........

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Perkins 4108 Diesel Engine for sale

ID: 688 | Stock ref:40094
Qty Available: 169 units
Manufactured by: Perkins
The price: £P.O.A.

Perkins 4-108 Diesel engine  This 51 horsepower 4-cylinder diesel gives you reliable, durable and safe performance with compact size and low weight. A rotary distributor-type fuel-injection system provides even fuel feed for smooth performance.    Ideal for marine, generator or industrial applications  All boxed direct from MOD (Weight 485kg).    An automatic advance and retard mechanism ensures fast starts and quick acceleration throughout the speed range. And the Perkins "H" pre-combustion system means clean burning, .........

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Reconditioned Bedford TM 4x4 gearbox for sale

ID: 670 | Stock ref:33052
Qty Available: 15 units
Manufactured by: Bedford
The price: £P.O.A.

Reconditioned Bedford TM 4x4 gearboxes boxed. Quantity available. .........

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Reconditioned Bedford 500 engine for sale

ID: 669 | Stock ref:33054
Qty Available: SOLD
Manufactured by: Bedford
The price: £P.O.A.

Reconditioned Bedford 500 engines, complete with injection pump,  turbo, starter, alternator, clutch, completed assembly in boxes.    The specifications of the Bedford 500 engine  Manufacturer Bedford  6V 113kW {151 bhp}  Engine Capacity 8200cc  Cylinders 6  Turbo  Cooling method Water Cooled    Suitable for 4x4, 6x6 lhd, rhd .........

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Used  FORD Petrol  V6  engine 2.8 lt as fitted to Hagglund BV206 for sale

ID: 388 | Stock ref:0
Qty Available: 20 units
Manufactured by: Hagglunds
The price: £P.O.A.

Used and Reconditioned the FORD Petrol V6 engine 2.8 lt as fitted to Hagglund BV206  (1,000-5,000 kms was to repair)  Make FORD  Model Cologne Petrol/Gasolene  Cylinders V6  Power 99 KW(132hp) at 4600 1/min  Capacity 2.8 litre  Cooling system closed, with expansion tank  Normal operating temperature 82-97 C  Lubrication forced-circulation with thermostat-controlled air-cooled oil cooler  Air cleaner dry typ  Fuel Consumption Ca.22 Liter/h  dimensions 68cm x 74 cm x 88 cm  weight 200 .........

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L60 Chieftain MBT Reconditioned Engine for sale

ID: 292 | Stock ref:1023
Qty Available: 15 units
Manufactured by: Leyland
The price: £P.O.A.

Reconditioned Leyland L60 Engines as removed from Chieftain Main Battle Tanks    Leyland L60 (multifuel 2-stroke opposed-piston compression-ignition)  750 hp (560 kW) 6 Cyl, 19 litres.  The Leyland L60 engine is a two-stroke opposed piston design intended  for multi-fuel use so that it could run on whatever fuel was .........

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Spare parts for BV206 for sale
ID: 215 | Stock ref:0
Qty Available: 100 units
Manufactured by: Hagglunds
The price: £P.O.A.

Any new spares parts for the HUGGLUNDS BV206:  Drivetrain  Sprockets  Differentials  Radiator  Seal  Injection Pipe  Sun Visor  Steering Kit  Mercedes Gearbox  Bearing  Gear Lever  Jerry Cans  Transfer Studs  Rear Swing Arm  Ram Elevation  Any Hydraulic Hose  Shaft Coupling  Gear Transfer  Water Pumps  Pre Heat Chamber  Plate Transmission  Oil Seal  Warning Light Unit  Universal Joint  Washer Collar  Crown Pinnions  Water Pump Housing  Hydraulic caps and filters  Filter .........

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